Saturday, November 8, 2008

Been Awhile.....

So, I got a new camera for my birthday (thank you hubby!) but it is broken already so I haven't wanted to post blogs without pictures. Thus I am lacking in posting....I will try to catch up.

My birthday was fun! I had that nasty crud though so I was pretty out of it. It was still a good day though. We went to the Seattle to tailgate before the game that day (as always) and as we were getting set up Shawn, Nick, Bryan and Ashley surprised me and showed up and it turned into a mini tailgate/ Katie birthday party! So fun. And Todd's wife Melissa was there too which was fun. She is great and I love her! And yay for the Hawks winning against Josh Brown!!!

My Hawk family

I love my husband!!

Awesome cake that Shawn and Ashley made for me

I started school again the day after my birthday and I'm working my way through that...... the quarter is almost over thank goodness but that means that my final papers and projects are coming up. Boo. Wish me luck!
We had some other birthday fun for Ashley one week and then Shawn a few weeks later. Good times with good friends.

Shawn's surprise party at my house!

Ashley's birthday at Applebeees
I will add Halloween pictures once I still them from Ashley!

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

From Sarah's Blog.......

4 Random Things I Love About My Husband

1. He works hard so that I can finish school

2. He can always make me smile

3. He loves me for who I am and never tries to change me

4. He will watch chick flicks with me =)

4 Jobs I've Had

1. KinderCare- Infant &Toddler Teacher/ Cook

2. Nanny!!!

3. Hilton Garden Inn- Night Auditor

4. Edmonds Family Medicine- Medical Receeption

4 Movies I've Watched More Than Once

1. Dirty Dancing

2. Breakfast at Tiffanys

3. Sweet Home Alabama

4. Sound of Music

(there are SO many more)

4 TV Shows I Watch

1. One Tree Hill

2. House

3. Hereos

4. Greys Anatomy

4 Places I've Been

1. Italy

2. Greece

3. Cozumel

4. Australia

4 of My Favorite Foods

1. Steak

2. Bacon Burgers

3. Mexican

4. Potatoes (any kind I love 'em all)

4 Places I Would Like to Visit

1. Hawaii (again)

2. Australia (again)

3. London

4. France

4 Things I Look Forward to in This Coming Year

1. Holiday Season (and Christmas music...oh I love Christmas music)

2. Buying a house in the summer

3. Seahawks!!!!

4. Learning to snow mobile

(and I can't wait for Candace and Jason and Kristie to move back home)

I TAG: Kali, Candace, Char and Susan!!!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

New Apartment

So we moved into our new apartment in Everett almost 3 weeks ago and we're finally pretty much settled in. Our place is beautiful and we love it. It has a huge kitchen that I love and a large attached garage that Brandon loves. I still need a dining room table and I found the one that I want but we don't have the money for it yet. I'm just glad that we have some of the same makes for less of a discussion about things. I'm still a little upset with the 12th Man flag on our living room wall but hey, go hawks. I knew we should have gotten a 2 bedroom so that Brandon could have had a room for all his man-stuff but for the next year, I'll live with this. I could have used the extra closet space as well. I would love to add pictures but because my camera is broken and we can't figure out what's going on with one of the lenses on Brandon's I fail to have pictures to put up so that you can see our domain.
I know most thought that we'd be buying a house after our wedding but with me going to school full time I can't work full time as well so we're still saving and hopefully we'll have more money to buy a place either next year or when i'm done with school. We'll see where the market goes.
We finally have internet (thank you husband) and cable so that we can watch the Seahawks games and i can watch my girlie shows. I'm still trying to convince Brandon that we need DVR or TiVo so that I can just record them and watch them when he's not around instead of being held up in our bedroom while they're on but I haven't won this battle yet so we'll see how it goes. I don't like missing my shows =)
So again when I get a new camera I will take mass amounts of pictures and post them.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Wedding/ Honeymoon

I am finally getting to this after a couple of months of constantly being busy! Our wedding was beautiful and we had about 200ish people show up. It was gorgeous (thanks friends for helping set up!) and the food my mom made was excellent. Everyone looked beautiful and we received some really great gifts. I basically cried the whole freaking day though. Something I now wish that I wouldn't have done. And I'm not very happy with the pictures. But I can't take it back so I'm done being upset about it. Bottom line is Brandon and I are now married and we love it. That night after we left the reception we checked into our hotel (he took me to the Silver Cloud hotel right next to Qwest field yay...go hawks!) we realized that we forgot to bring food with us so we went out to try to find a grocery store. We have no idea where one is in Seattle and we ended up in the Renton highlands at a Safeway! We ended up getting tv dinners, strawberries and chocolate to melt. Then had to find out way back. We had fun. The day after the wedding we had an open house at my aunts down in Maple Valley and opened all our presents and ate left over food with most of the family from out of town. It was nice. It was a crazy weekend and then we both had to go back to work on Monday. The cruise line cancelled our original cruise (we were supposed to leave the day after the wedding) on us in April and we had to reschedule to leave a week later. So we went back to work for a week. It ended up being a good thing that they took the ship out of the fleet that we were supposed to be on because it was an older and smaller ship.

Honeymoon was SO SO SO great! We went on a cruise around the Hawaiian islands and it was beautiful! We did a ton of stuff!! We went on this zodiac raft and snorkel adventure and we saw whales and tons of dolphins in the open water! It was crazy and so much fun. We had a great great time! We both want to go back. And we found out we love cruises! Hopefully we will be able to plan another one soon.

We have been married for almost two months now! It seems like we've been married for awhile. I have a great husband and I'm loving being Katie Karr =)
-I will add pictures when I get Internet at our new apartment.

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Lake Tahoe June 2008

Some of my best girls and I went to Lake Tahoe a few weeks before my wedding. We had such an awesome time!

Sunday, July 6, 2008

I know, I know

I have a lot to post about and I promise that I will soon! But we are just getting home and getting settled from the honeymoon and I am still exhausted! I'm writing myself a reminder to post about: Lake Tahoe, Chelsea's attack (she's ok!), Seattle bachelorette party, WEDDING, and now honeymoon. So give me a couple days and you can all catch up on my life for the past month!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

The Duce Family

Beautiful, I must say.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Surprise Anniversary BBQ

Brandon and I threw a surprise anniversary BBQ for my mom and dad on Sunday night. Their 25th anniversary is tomorrow but all of us are working so we had it on Sunday. It was so great! My auntie brought a cake from Borracchini's which is where they got the cake for their wedding (and mine as well). Delicious. Then my cousin Michelle and I decorated it with shells, since their second home is the water. They loved it. Technically it wasn't a surprise for my dad. We told him so that he could make sure that they were home. But he still loved it. Mom was TOTALLY surprised. The two of us went shopping for her outfit for the wedding and had lunch together which was really nice and then by the time we got home everyone was already there and as we were pulling into the driveway she said, "what are all these cars doing here? I think the neighbors had a sleep over." I tried really hard not to laugh. Then she walked in and everyone was there. Again, so great! I think there were about 20 people there and that was awesome! I am so proud of myself.........and Brandon for doing all the bbq-ing. (pictures will be coming shortly)

Wedding is coming up in 18 days!!! AAAHHHH. I am going crazy and my face is breaking out because I am so stressed about it. I feel like I don't have everything ready (I don't) and it's really starting to get to me. Deep breaths. I can get through this. Still not at my goal weight. Rawr rawr rawr.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

One Month To Go!

In exactly one month Brandon and I are getting married. It's really coming down to the wire and I am stressing out. It's constant plan after plan and then the numerous things that have gone wrong have not been a good help to my stress levels.
I haven't lost the weight I've wanted to lose which in itself is a huge stress. I lost some and that is just not enough. I have a month, we'll see how well I do. Right now I just want to never eat again (don't worry, I will). This battle with weight loss will one day end and I will no longer care about my weight. I'm still waiting for that day.
On a side note, I just removed stitches from my friend Siri at work (she's trusting). Very cool. Nursing school is coming soon. Well, it will be coming when we can afford me not working full time and spending hours upon hours at school. It's only about the 6th time I've switched my major (1.English, 2. Marriage Family and human development 3. Psychology 4. Human Development 5. Teaching (short lived) 6. Nursing . Don't judge me, I have decision making issues) and I have a goal to stick with this one through. I really really enjoy working at the clinic. My hours are a different story but hey, once you get past the one million phone calls, patient's calling in demanding refills on their pain meds that they just had filled two days ago, and the endless message typing it's not that bad. And I decided nursing is the last major I will pursue. So there is a plus.
So back to my stress. I really would like to just stay at home all day for two days (preferably week days where the people I need to talk to are open and available) and plan everything so that nothing else will need to be discussed until the day of. I'm slowly understanding that not everything will be perfect, and it only matters that we both say, "I do!" and that will be that. Then I will undergo the exhausting process of name changing. Please someone out there tell me that it's easy because some of the married gals I've talked to 1. still haven't done it because it's a hassle or 2. had serious issues doing it and have things with both names. I'm not looking forward to this but Brandon is so excited that we will be "The Karrs" que music: "Let the good times roll." Yeah so they spell their band name different, who cares? It still sounds the same when you say it.
I'm at work. I get to leave in less than an hour and then go home and slave away over invitation addressing. You will get your invitations soon I promise!!!! Plus, I sent everyone a Save The Date so this date should already be reserved.
Yes, I know I need to post pictures and I will get to that.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

I Pulled It Off!!!

So last night was Candace's baby shower. I have never even been to a baby shower and I was so worried that this one wouldn't go well. But alas, it went great! I had two weeks (and one I had the flu) to get this thing together. My aunt helped me with food things like the cake and pink punch and my mom helped me out with party favors and my wonderful friends at work gave me some ideas for games to play. I'm not big on party games so we only played 2 but that was totally enough! Candace got so much stuff! Her baby is going to be well dressed. Not to mention that I was so happy to see her! I guess I have not been around pregnant people that often because it was so weird to hug her. She is the cutest pregnant girl ever. I swear she has a volleyball under her shirt, not a growing baby girl. I am hoping that the baby arrives a little bit early so that they will all be able to make it for my wedding. It would be unfortunate if they weren't there!
Speaking of wedding...... I am starting to get so excited! Not like I wasn't before, but now it's coming up so quickly that I can't help but being excited. I still have a few planning things that I need to get done (and invitations to get out aahhh!!!) but for the most part I have it done. With all this planning I wish we would have gone and got married on the beach in a far off exotic place! But I am excited to have family there that I haven't seen in a long time.
I'm at work and so ready to go home!!!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

New Blog and I am Sicker Than A Dog

I'm not so sure that dogs really get sick like people so why the expression "sicker than a dog?"
I decided to create Brandon and I this blog so that we can keep up with our friends and family. He's not so sure about it yet but I have a goal to get him to write in this =) We'll see if it works out.
I have the flu. The ACTUAL flu. They stuck a q-tip thing up my nose, ran a test and lo and behold, Katie has the flu. I feel awful! And I feel even more awful because my wonderful mother that has been catering to my every need now has the flu and is miserable herself. Brandon hasn't been too bad in the "taking care of Katie" aspect which is good because normally he just makes me eat an insane amount and drink loads of water and tells me I'm not sick, it's in my head and I will be fine with a good night's sleep. Yeah, I really wish that it worked that way. But now my poor man is feeling the flu symptoms. Poor almost hubby! And though I'm still sick and haven't moved from my bed (except to throw up every hour or so) I still ask him if there is anything that I can do to help. His reply, "Nah I'll drink a lot of water and get some sleep. Right now I'm going to play video games." What possessed me to by him that XBOX 360? Or the Wii for that matter? I am so tired of being sick. This paycheck will not be good.