Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Wedding/ Honeymoon

I am finally getting to this after a couple of months of constantly being busy! Our wedding was beautiful and we had about 200ish people show up. It was gorgeous (thanks friends for helping set up!) and the food my mom made was excellent. Everyone looked beautiful and we received some really great gifts. I basically cried the whole freaking day though. Something I now wish that I wouldn't have done. And I'm not very happy with the pictures. But I can't take it back so I'm done being upset about it. Bottom line is Brandon and I are now married and we love it. That night after we left the reception we checked into our hotel (he took me to the Silver Cloud hotel right next to Qwest field yay...go hawks!) we realized that we forgot to bring food with us so we went out to try to find a grocery store. We have no idea where one is in Seattle and we ended up in the Renton highlands at a Safeway! We ended up getting tv dinners, strawberries and chocolate to melt. Then had to find out way back. We had fun. The day after the wedding we had an open house at my aunts down in Maple Valley and opened all our presents and ate left over food with most of the family from out of town. It was nice. It was a crazy weekend and then we both had to go back to work on Monday. The cruise line cancelled our original cruise (we were supposed to leave the day after the wedding) on us in April and we had to reschedule to leave a week later. So we went back to work for a week. It ended up being a good thing that they took the ship out of the fleet that we were supposed to be on because it was an older and smaller ship.

Honeymoon was SO SO SO great! We went on a cruise around the Hawaiian islands and it was beautiful! We did a ton of stuff!! We went on this zodiac raft and snorkel adventure and we saw whales and tons of dolphins in the open water! It was crazy and so much fun. We had a great great time! We both want to go back. And we found out we love cruises! Hopefully we will be able to plan another one soon.

We have been married for almost two months now! It seems like we've been married for awhile. I have a great husband and I'm loving being Katie Karr =)
-I will add pictures when I get Internet at our new apartment.