Monday, August 13, 2012

21 Weeks and GENDER REVEAL

Drum roll.............................

IT'S A BOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We are so happy and excited to be having a little boy join our family. We were both hoping for a boy but would've beeen excited either way. The ultrasound was very positive that it's a little man. I will post pictures as soon as I can but working with an ancient laptop that has a mind of it's own is a bit frustrating. We've officially told our friends and family and everyone is as excited as we are. Funny thing is that I thought it was a girl all the way up until the day of the ultrasound and then I was thinking, "I bet it's a boy" and sure enough, it is!!! Our gender reveal party was great and I'm so glad we got to see my friends and family and suprise them! Most thought the baby was going to be a girl! Suprise!!! And here is the weekly stat log I'm starting.

Stats for this week (I saw how my friend Marin did this and I've decided this is how I'm going to do my blog as well):

Today is day 147 of being pregnant.
In week 21.
133 days to go.
Baby is about 10.5 inches long, roughly the size of a banana and weighs around 12.7 ounces.

Cravings: Still craving watermelon and that is about all. Lately I've been wanting cereal, but not sure I would classify that as an actual craving

Aversions: The smell of eggs still kills me and I haven't been wanting meat the last few days which is super weird for me

Sleeping: I haven't really been able to get comfortable lately. A lot of it is due to the heat and even though my ceiling fan helps alot, my back and hips are still sore and every time I have to turn over I wake up. Been having CRAZY dreams lately as well. Very vivid.

Movements: I've been feeling little flutters here and there, an occasional little dance on my bladder, and this past week a couple of big thumps that I knew were the baby. Brandon can't wait to be able to feel the kicks as well. Still kind of creeps me out.

Other stuff: I went to Monterey, California this past week with my mom, Alex and Ryan and had a GREAT time. I was nervous about flying but popped some Benedryl and that did the trick. Thank goodness for the short two hour flight. It was hard for me to get comfortable and my legs and back were sore at the end from sitting. The day we got home I met Brandon right after getting off the plane at the first preseason Seahawks game and all the walking, heat and being sore from flying really did a number on me. But I survived. When I got home I was also suprised to see that Brandon had moved the big furniture out of the baby's room (which was the office) and my mother in law had brought over some super cute baby boy clothes. I spent part of yesterday cleaning out the rest of the baby room and I hung up the clothes. They look so cute in the closet. Brandon also took me to Babies R Us yesterday and we looked at cribs and other stuff that we liked. I've been very fortuante to get a few hand-me-downs from some great ladies that I work with so we really don't need to buy much. Look for pictures soon!!!!

Monday, July 30, 2012

At long last, I blog again

I always mean to write new posts.  Not like my life is uber interesting, and I doubt people even remember I have a blog since it's been so long since I've written.  But here I am once again. 

There really isn't even a point in trying to catch up with everything from the last two years, so we'll start from the beginning of this year (there's really not that much!). 

January- March:  We rung in the new year but can't even remember if we even did anything.  We did our annual Whistler trip with dear friends Dan and Kellie and Dan's sister Amy and her husband Nathan joined us this year.  It was a blast.  I love Whistler.  (PICS WILL COME SOON!)  Valentine's Day we had a nice dinner.  I'm sure it was really nice but again, I can't remember.  In March we had Brandon's birthday which we celebrated with a pajama party for him and Kellie since their birthdays are so close together.  It was good times.

April-June:  In late April we found out that we are EXPECTING!  Our first child is due to arrive on or around December 24th.  We are very excited and can't wait to meet the little bean.  In May I went to Wenatchee with Shawn and her sisters to spend time at their parents house for Memorial Day and it was nice to get in the sun.  Unfortunatley June wasn't the best of months, we had to lay our wonderful pup Chelsea down to rest.  It was hard on me for quite awhile and even now I'm still tearing up.  She was doing great until the last day or so when she started having seizures.  She lived a great life and we will always think of her and miss her greatly.  On a happier note, we celebrated our 4th wedding anniversary.  We went shooting at the range and then went out to dinner in Mill Creek. 

July:  For the 3rd of July we packed up the tent trailer and went to Big Lake to Shawn and Nick's house for the 2nd annual Big Lake Bash.  Big Lake celebrates the 3rd of July up at the lake and we had fun with great friends, food and fireworks.  Can't wait to go again next year!  the actual 4th of July we spent with our neighbors watching the firework shows in our neighborhood.  Always a good time when we're hanging out with the neighbors.  We also found out the gender of the little one in my belly this month but our gender reveal party titled "Waddle It Be?" that is being hosted by Shawn will be August 5th.  I cannot wait for that.  I have great friends and family that will be attending so hopefully I'll get some great pics.

SO that's all for now, but I am planning to start posting  (well, TRY) weekly with pregnancy updates but we'll see how it goes.  I still need to take my first "belly" picture.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010


In October the ladies went to Vegas for Kellie's bachelorette party! There were 9 of us girls and it was a total blast! We stayed at the Monte Carlo and while we were there we explored the strip, saw Holly's Peep Show, spent some time in the pool/lazy river, spent at night at Toby Keith's bar, went to the Minus 5 Ice Bar and just had a great time partying together. I'm planning a trip there again soon!

The 9 of us!

With Kellie's mom after the Toby Keith bar

Kel-Jo and me at Minus 5

Kel-Jo and Leslie


Dan and Kellie's Wedding!

On November 28 two of our very best friends got married. Dan and Brandon have been best friends since the 7th grade and just like Dan was the best man in our wedding, Brandon was the best man in his. Kellie and I met through Dan and she is now one of my BFFs. We were also bridesmaids in eachothers weddings. The day was perfect and everything was so fun and beautiful. She was the most beautiful bride I've ever seen and I was so priveledged to be a part of their special day. I love them both and look forward to many many more years of being great friends.

For their cake they had cupcakes that were decorated as flowers, baseballs and footballs!

The beautiful bride, me and Dan's hands

I'm so happy I married this man everyday!

Rally In The Snow

Novemeber brought us some snow this year. We had a snow day at home (my car has awful tires and I couldn't get anywhere) so we made the best of it and took some pics in the snow. It was Rally's first time seeing the snow and he LOVED it! I took him out in it and he was running around like crazy so I got his ball and the camera and we went to town. We were probably out in the backyard for about 45 minutes just playing together. When we came inside he drank tons of water and the passed out on his bed for 3 hours. I love this puppy. Where was Chelsea during this snow romp? She was sleeping in the nice warm bed. She hates the snow or anything cold for that matter. What could have made this better? Brandon being home playing with us. He eventually came home from work, looked at the backyard and asked me if kids had been playing in our yard. Yep! We had a blast.

Pouncing the ball

Brrr Mom that's cold stuff!

Monday, July 19, 2010

I'm So Bad

Oh man I'm so awful at keeping up with this dang blog! Here is a small list of what we've been up to since the last post:

April 2010- PNTSDF (only pic I have is Leslie and me in the car when it was over lol!) and Shawn's Bridal Shower

I made this sweet cake. It was delish.

May 2010- Shawn's Bachelorette Parties (one in LA and one at the Tulalip Casino), Shawn's Wedding
At the end of May we added another member to our little family. Welcome RALLY KARR!!!! I'll post some more pics of him and the story of us getting him in a little bit.

June 2010- We celebrated our 2nd anniversary! No pictures of that but hopefully we'll be getting some nice pictures of us soon (Candace, I need to talk to you!).

July 2010- I went to San Antonio, TX for a week for the International Choreographed Ballroom Dance Association's Convention. I dance in a demo group called the Stray Cats and we did two different dance demos. It was awesome to be in Texas with some really good friends I don't have the opportunity to hang out with all the time! We also went to SeaWorld and Six Flags Fiesta Texas while we were there!
For some reason I can't upload the pics but I'll try again in awhile. I'm excited to have some more fun this summer with hopefully a lot more pictures. Who wants to hang out with me and make some memories? =)

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

A Lil Gal Time

I had a few friends over for a pajama party and game night in February. Fun times! I hope to have another one sometime probably in the summer and have a bunch more friends come!