Saturday, November 8, 2008

Been Awhile.....

So, I got a new camera for my birthday (thank you hubby!) but it is broken already so I haven't wanted to post blogs without pictures. Thus I am lacking in posting....I will try to catch up.

My birthday was fun! I had that nasty crud though so I was pretty out of it. It was still a good day though. We went to the Seattle to tailgate before the game that day (as always) and as we were getting set up Shawn, Nick, Bryan and Ashley surprised me and showed up and it turned into a mini tailgate/ Katie birthday party! So fun. And Todd's wife Melissa was there too which was fun. She is great and I love her! And yay for the Hawks winning against Josh Brown!!!

My Hawk family

I love my husband!!

Awesome cake that Shawn and Ashley made for me

I started school again the day after my birthday and I'm working my way through that...... the quarter is almost over thank goodness but that means that my final papers and projects are coming up. Boo. Wish me luck!
We had some other birthday fun for Ashley one week and then Shawn a few weeks later. Good times with good friends.

Shawn's surprise party at my house!

Ashley's birthday at Applebeees
I will add Halloween pictures once I still them from Ashley!