Thursday, September 4, 2008

New Apartment

So we moved into our new apartment in Everett almost 3 weeks ago and we're finally pretty much settled in. Our place is beautiful and we love it. It has a huge kitchen that I love and a large attached garage that Brandon loves. I still need a dining room table and I found the one that I want but we don't have the money for it yet. I'm just glad that we have some of the same makes for less of a discussion about things. I'm still a little upset with the 12th Man flag on our living room wall but hey, go hawks. I knew we should have gotten a 2 bedroom so that Brandon could have had a room for all his man-stuff but for the next year, I'll live with this. I could have used the extra closet space as well. I would love to add pictures but because my camera is broken and we can't figure out what's going on with one of the lenses on Brandon's I fail to have pictures to put up so that you can see our domain.
I know most thought that we'd be buying a house after our wedding but with me going to school full time I can't work full time as well so we're still saving and hopefully we'll have more money to buy a place either next year or when i'm done with school. We'll see where the market goes.
We finally have internet (thank you husband) and cable so that we can watch the Seahawks games and i can watch my girlie shows. I'm still trying to convince Brandon that we need DVR or TiVo so that I can just record them and watch them when he's not around instead of being held up in our bedroom while they're on but I haven't won this battle yet so we'll see how it goes. I don't like missing my shows =)
So again when I get a new camera I will take mass amounts of pictures and post them.


Candace, Jason & Kristie Duce said...

Can't wait to see pictures!!!! And tell Brandon to not be a wuss and get TiVo. It's the best thing ever. And that's exactly what i love it for...taping my girly show and watching them when Jason's not there. He loves that too. =)And we still don't have a real dining room table & chairs. lol.

Candace, Jason & Kristie Duce said...

That should say "girly shows". =)

Kali said...

So what are all the good girly shows nowadays? I'm still in love with Desperate Housewives. And my recent obsession is Mad Men, but that's not a girly show.

I'm excited to see pics of the new Karr domain!!