Monday, December 14, 2009

Catching Up.... Shawn's Bday

Ok so I'm going to catch up on the past month or so starting with where I've left off in October......

For my dear friend Shawn's birthday this year we had our group over to our house for food and drinks and then headed off to Gameworks! I haven't been there in forever and it was so much fun. Sadly, I do not have any pictures from Gameworks because 1. I don't have a camera that I can stick in my pocket and I don't bring one when I only need Id and debit card and 2. I was very involved with Ski Ball and this game where you fly a helicopter. So these from my house will suffice.

Wonderful and delicious Twilight cake that I asked Candace to make!!!! Check out her other cakes at Thanks again Candace!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Pumpkin Picking & Halloween Cookies

Do you pick pumpkins or harvest them? I don't know the correct terminology for it. Anyway, the last weekend in June my mom had Bella, Ryan, and Alex plant the little pumpkins in her back yard. Last week it was time to cut them off the vines! The kids were so excited since they'd watch their little punkins grow for months! After we picked them we decorated cornocopias with them (see previous post). The white ones are "ghost pumpkins"

On Thursday we had another Halloween project! Candace and Kristie came over to Ona's house and helped us make some yummy Halloween cookies!

Ah I've said it before and I'll say it again.... I LOVE THE FALL!!!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Fall....My Happy Time

Have I mentioned before how much I love the Fall? It is by far my favorite season. I love all the color changes and the blustery rainy days. My candle collection makes its appearance during this time as well. I have a few faves: Vanilla, Apple Cinnamon, and Pumpkin Spice. Maybe this is why I like holiday bazaars. They always smell like that. During the winter is when I break out the Sugar Cookie candle or bake cookies just because I want my house to smell like that. But yes, I love the fall. I always want to be home, wrapped up in a blanket with hot chocolate (or cider!) reading a book. The other day there was so much thunder, wind and rain I was already loving it and to make everything even more wonderful, it was the day I was making a crock pot stew!!! Oh the house smelled wonderful (and I had a cinnamon spice candle burning too). I turned the heat on, (once Brandon is finished with the new gas insert it will be pure bliss to have that on instead of the furnace) got a book, a blanket and my Chelsea and we sat in the love sac switching between reading and listening to the rain. Simple things like this make me so happy. It was perfect. Then Brandon came home and everything was more perfect. Now if only I could teach him to just sit back and relax and enjoy the fall as much as I do.

Cornucopia my mom and I made from the pumpkins the kids grew in her backyard and the rest of the stuff is from the Mukilteo Farmers Market and Michaels. I ALWAYS need more Fall decorations.

Tree in our backyard. I have been watching the leaves change color and fall off. Maybe I should buy a rake so that I can rake all the leaves up and then jump in them!

I Hit a Quarter of a Century

So my birthday came and went and was relatively uneventful. It was on a Monday (already depressing) and I had to work all day. Brandon took me out for a really quick dinner at Applebees which is literally two minutes from our new house and then Nick, Shawn, Dan and Kellie came over and hung out for about an hour. The night ended with a bedtime of 9pm. Yep, I'm old. I can no longer say I'm in my early twenties. Lets hope this is a good year =)

Thanks to my wonderful husband, we now have a nice LCD tv hanging on the wall in our bedroom. It was MY birthday present, but I suppose I can share.

Monday, August 31, 2009

Happy Homeowners!!!

I am proud to say that Brandon and I now own our own home!!! We got the keys Friday night and it's ours!!! It's pretty much a fixer upper and the last couple days we've been working on it non stop. It's already looking SO much better but still needs a lot of work. We're so fortunate to have great friends and family to help us out with some of the work. Here are some pictures but we have a brand new roof and my parents have really tackled the yard and looks nothing like it does in the pictures. (Thanks Mom and Dad!!!) I will post more pictures as the project comes along.

Dad working in the yard

Candace helping with some painting


Alex helping power wash the drive way

And for the record, I've had the HARDEST time with this post! Blogger hates me.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

The only ones I have on the computer......

From most recent to about Christmas:

Brandon's 24th Birthday at The Salish Lodge at Snoqualmie Falls. I am an awesome wife.

St. Patrick's Day with Shawn

Friday night sleepovers with Alex and Ryan. Typical Wii MarioKart playing and climbing all over Brandon

Valentine's Day! Roses and Gushers! My faves

Superbowl....Kinsley and me
Kellie and her puppy Choco. He's MUCH bigger now!!!Christmas Day!

Hopefully I'll get more on here soon but I've been awful at picture taking lately.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009


After reading numerous forums about my cursor issues, I THINK that it has resolved. I am keeping my fingers crossed though.

Last Monday I started my new job at University of Washington Medical Center. So far, I am really liking it. (Dang it my cursor jumped!!! Problem NOT fixed! Rawr rawr rawr rawr) It was sad to say goodbye to Edmonds Family Medicine. I'm grateful for the experiences and the friends that I've made, but I think in the long run that this new job is going to be good for me and my future career.

Still do not have a lot of pictures put back on the computer and I think that I will hold off until I can get this stupid cursor thing fixed. I'm about to freak out! I was going to add pictures but I now HATE MY COMPUTER WITH A PASSION!!!!!!!! and therefore am not going to be able to. I will try again later once I have calmed down.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

I'm Working On It.......

Yes, I am still alive. I've been off the blogging path due to some camera and computer issues. Brandon recently reformatted my computer so I have yet to put the pictures back on and don't like posting without pictures. AND, when I type my cursor thingy jumps around everywhere (and yes, I am careful to not hit the mouse thing on my laptop but it's still being a pain in my butt and I can't figure out how to fix it!!!! Rawr rawr rawr rawr) so I have been mad at my computer and trying to protest using it. But, seeing as it has been about 5 months since I've posted anything new, I am now trying to get my rear in gear and update the world on life. Patience darlings, I will be back soon.
BTW, it has taken me 11 minutes to compose this post because of stupid computer cursor issues!!!