Thursday, April 10, 2008

New Blog and I am Sicker Than A Dog

I'm not so sure that dogs really get sick like people so why the expression "sicker than a dog?"
I decided to create Brandon and I this blog so that we can keep up with our friends and family. He's not so sure about it yet but I have a goal to get him to write in this =) We'll see if it works out.
I have the flu. The ACTUAL flu. They stuck a q-tip thing up my nose, ran a test and lo and behold, Katie has the flu. I feel awful! And I feel even more awful because my wonderful mother that has been catering to my every need now has the flu and is miserable herself. Brandon hasn't been too bad in the "taking care of Katie" aspect which is good because normally he just makes me eat an insane amount and drink loads of water and tells me I'm not sick, it's in my head and I will be fine with a good night's sleep. Yeah, I really wish that it worked that way. But now my poor man is feeling the flu symptoms. Poor almost hubby! And though I'm still sick and haven't moved from my bed (except to throw up every hour or so) I still ask him if there is anything that I can do to help. His reply, "Nah I'll drink a lot of water and get some sleep. Right now I'm going to play video games." What possessed me to by him that XBOX 360? Or the Wii for that matter? I am so tired of being sick. This paycheck will not be good.