Wednesday, May 21, 2008

One Month To Go!

In exactly one month Brandon and I are getting married. It's really coming down to the wire and I am stressing out. It's constant plan after plan and then the numerous things that have gone wrong have not been a good help to my stress levels.
I haven't lost the weight I've wanted to lose which in itself is a huge stress. I lost some and that is just not enough. I have a month, we'll see how well I do. Right now I just want to never eat again (don't worry, I will). This battle with weight loss will one day end and I will no longer care about my weight. I'm still waiting for that day.
On a side note, I just removed stitches from my friend Siri at work (she's trusting). Very cool. Nursing school is coming soon. Well, it will be coming when we can afford me not working full time and spending hours upon hours at school. It's only about the 6th time I've switched my major (1.English, 2. Marriage Family and human development 3. Psychology 4. Human Development 5. Teaching (short lived) 6. Nursing . Don't judge me, I have decision making issues) and I have a goal to stick with this one through. I really really enjoy working at the clinic. My hours are a different story but hey, once you get past the one million phone calls, patient's calling in demanding refills on their pain meds that they just had filled two days ago, and the endless message typing it's not that bad. And I decided nursing is the last major I will pursue. So there is a plus.
So back to my stress. I really would like to just stay at home all day for two days (preferably week days where the people I need to talk to are open and available) and plan everything so that nothing else will need to be discussed until the day of. I'm slowly understanding that not everything will be perfect, and it only matters that we both say, "I do!" and that will be that. Then I will undergo the exhausting process of name changing. Please someone out there tell me that it's easy because some of the married gals I've talked to 1. still haven't done it because it's a hassle or 2. had serious issues doing it and have things with both names. I'm not looking forward to this but Brandon is so excited that we will be "The Karrs" que music: "Let the good times roll." Yeah so they spell their band name different, who cares? It still sounds the same when you say it.
I'm at work. I get to leave in less than an hour and then go home and slave away over invitation addressing. You will get your invitations soon I promise!!!! Plus, I sent everyone a Save The Date so this date should already be reserved.
Yes, I know I need to post pictures and I will get to that.