Thursday, January 21, 2010

Catching Up...Christmas!

I had to work on Christmas Day this year so I wasn't able to spend Christmas morning with Brandon or the fam. But I got off at noon and then was able to go and spend time with everyone. When I got off work I went right home and changed and Brandon and his dad picked me up and we went to his Grandma's house (Brandon spent Christmas morning at his aunts). My dad had dropped my mom off at the airport that morning and then he came over as well. It was so nice that he came. I didn't want him to spend Christmas alone and I wanted to see him on Christmas. We hung out there for awhile and opened present and ate dinner. Brandon's mom had to work as well so she came a little bit later. Oh the joy of working at a place that never closes (we both work at hospitals).
This is my gorgeous red, white and gold Christmas tree. The pic sucks though.

Love my Daddy!
After Brandon's grandma's house we went over to his parents so we could see Randi's reaction when she saw her brand new washer and dryer from Doug. Since she had to work Brandon and Doug set them up that morning so she would be surprised when she got home.

From there we went over to Nick and Shawn's house to say hi and Merry Christmas and then finally came home. After a nice shower and some cozy pjs Brandon and I finally got exchange gifts at about 11pm. I was dead tired by the end of this day but it was a pretty good Christmas. Brandon got me a new little camera!!! I like ones that I can just stick in my pocket or my purse. yay!!! Merry Christmas!

I think that this is the only picture of Brandon and I from Christmas Day. I will need to work on taking more pictures of the two of us. I feel like we don't have any!