Tuesday, April 28, 2009


After reading numerous forums about my cursor issues, I THINK that it has resolved. I am keeping my fingers crossed though.

Last Monday I started my new job at University of Washington Medical Center. So far, I am really liking it. (Dang it my cursor jumped!!! Problem NOT fixed! Rawr rawr rawr rawr) It was sad to say goodbye to Edmonds Family Medicine. I'm grateful for the experiences and the friends that I've made, but I think in the long run that this new job is going to be good for me and my future career.

Still do not have a lot of pictures put back on the computer and I think that I will hold off until I can get this stupid cursor thing fixed. I'm about to freak out!
...so I was going to add pictures but I now HATE MY COMPUTER WITH A PASSION!!!!!!!! and therefore am not going to be able to. I will try again later once I have calmed down.


Candace said...

Come over and use our computer!

Glad you're liking the new job!!!